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Disney Channel (Korean: 디즈니채널) is a South Korean cable and satellite channel owned by Disney Channels Worldwide, a unit of the Disney Direct-to-Consumer and International, itself a division of The Walt Disney Company. The South Korean version of the American Disney Channel replaced the Southeast Asian version which was available in the country with Korean subtitles since June 1, 2002 until June 30, 2011.

  1. Pinkfong Chart Show: It's Halloween! | Pinkfong Chart Show | Pinkfong Songs for Children Mp3
  2. Duration: 23:08

  3. Creepy Zombies | Halloween Songs | Dance Dance | PInkfong Songs for Children Mp3
  4. Duration: 1:44

  5. Baby Shark and 20+ songs | Back to School with Pinkfong |+Compilation | Pinkfong Songs for Children Mp3
  6. Duration: 44:43

  7. Baby Shark and more | Word Play | 3D Nursery Rhyme | +Compilation | Pinkfong Songs for children Mp3
  8. Duration: 1:05:53

  9. Good Habits Song | Baby Shark | Johny Johny | Learn Good Habits for Kids Mp3

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